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Vega is a team focused on building something different

We are Cloud Pioneers that know how to help our customers navigate the ecosystem to implement the best solutions possible while saving the most valuable resources:  Time and Money!

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Work hard, play hard
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Get Stuff Done

We're driven by our core values

Our core values provide a motivational foundation for the work we produce as a company and as individuals. We are very proud of the shared fundamental beliefs that have helped us transform Vega into everything it is today. 

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Industry experts who want to help make it easier to consume and manage public cloud infrastructure.  We have over a decade of hands-on experience managing production infrastructure in the cloud.


Career Opportunities

Vega is always looking for star performers that look at the world differently.  We are currently hiring for remote positions as well as positions in our Liberty Lake, WA headquarters. If you want to be a part of solving real problems for businesses consuming cloud infrastructure, drop us a line with a summary of your experience and background, or if you don’t see a role listed that fits your skill set, please submit a resume to

Product Engineering

AWS DevOps Engineer

Take on the responsibility for implementing DevOps, releasing new features & ensuring post-release product stability, and helping us achieve automation & orchestration of tools in AWS.

Product Engineering

Sr Data Science Engineer

Oversee the department's data integration work, including developing a data model, maintaining a data warehouse and analytics environment, and writing scripts for data integration and analysis.

Customer Success

Sr Customer Success Manager

Develop and deep understanding of Vega products to influence product positioning and messaging, Manage daily customer operations, support effectiveness and key activities, etc. 


Jr Data Engineer, FinOps

You'll help enable clients to consistently improve FinOps and cloud cost management activities through assembling large sets of data, building data infrastructure and analytical tools, and automating process. This role requires a solid technology background with a general understanding of finance management.

Product Engineering

Frontend Developer

Senior front end developer to help build our customer facing SaaS platform. This includes both a visualization and workflow rich UI and an API for enterprise system integration. You will be responsible for working on front-end web applications that leverage data to create compelling visualizations and intuitive workflows. 

Product Engineering

Sr Platform Engineer

Be involved in the design, implementation, maintenance, and management of core cloud components and solutions to improve delivery of Vega products. You will be responsible for supporting our public cloud environments and working closely with other departments to streamline processes and improve efficiency.


Media & Entertainment Account Manager

Be the presence of Vega for our enterprise clients to ensure successful ongoing partnerships. Travel and go to events to ensure a close relationship with our customers in the media and entertainment space.


Jr Analytics Engineer, FinOps

Assist in developing analytics engines, collaborate cross departmentally to design, build and optimize reporting solutions, develop and manage data flows and more to advance data-driven insights.


Partner Manager 

Be a relationship builder to help us maximize existing partnerships, increase the adoption of our products, and uncover opportunities for growth. You’ll foster a strong connection with our partners at AWS, Azure, GCP, HP Anyware, Qumulo, and any other strategic partnerships through events and campaigns, influencing top of funnel deal flow.


Jr Data Analyst, FinOps

Help create an understanding of costs and consumption, enabling clients to discover insights and drive value, and identify cost optimization opportunities. Key areas the role will support include financial modeling, budgeting, and forecasting, consumption analysis, KPIs, show back, and analytics.

Colleagues Working Together

Speak with a Cloud Expert

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. With more than a decade of experience in the Cloud industry, our highly skilled team will make sure you find the answers to your Cloud concerns.

Why choose Vega?


Use Vega's advanced technology to help you manage your workloads and match up budgets and forecasts to your cost centers.


Schedule resources only when you need them, and only pay for what you use. There is no per-instance pricing.


Receive regular scans on your infrastructure for optimization opportunities & get recommendations based on decades of operational experience to help you maximize your security, performance costs, and more.

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