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Cost Optimization

Use microscopic current and historic curated datasets to optimize your cloud spend


Centralize AWS, GCP, and Azure data in one view by business unit

Analyze custom-negotiated rates and commitments

Build cost allocations with charge-back and show-back


Curated Data

An industry-first entirely curated cloud cost and usage data lake

Cost allocation that includes historic resource allocation

Custom inference rules to address tagging gaps

Find and fix billing mistakes and past credit issues

Unlock savings value by analyzing current and historical data

Pinpoint changes with finite precision

Analyze commitments and enterprise changes

Organized costs by custom business unit/group rules

Cost Avoidance


Over 30 different cost optimization recommendations

Easy to use automation to help drive action of recommendations

Over 60% savings over on-demand in most dev and test workloads

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 2.39.13 PM.png

Proactive Alerts & Recommendations

Reserved instances and savings plans

Spot instances

Committed use discounts

Custom pricing programs

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