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The Challenge

The organization was spending over $1M a month on their Azure environment with low confidence the expenditure was under control. They were exceeding forecasted budgets year over year. The native management tools became obsolete within the first year and the IT managers struggled to properly monitor and manage costs in the environment. It became a challenge to identify which individual cloud instances needed to be powered down, resized, or deleted.  Optimization was always an afterthought that kept the business from realizing the benefits of cloud computing.

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1,000 - 10,000

Products Used:

Vega Platform




Energy Company

Client Bio:

Client dedicated to creating a more resourceful world to improve the quality of life, ensure safety and promote the well-being of people everywhere


Energy & Water

HQ Location:




(Vega Reporting Dashboard)

$50K in Savings within days of launch
Easy install process with ongoing support & training 
Forecasted to save millions moving forward

Vega provided a recommendation for $50k of savings in the first 14 days of use

Easy install process that took less than 2 weeks, equipped with Client Success Team for adequate staff support and training

Both the Client and Vega teamed up to develop a cloud strategy forecasted to save $3M within the next 2 years

The Solution

The organization chose the Vega FinOps intelligence platform with shared savings. The shared savings is incentive-based which eliminates software risks and makes it easier for them to move forward. When savings are identified and implemented, Vega bills for a small percentage of the total savings. Vega also provides a dedicated Client Success Team to give staff adequate support and training to master the platform and strategies for cloud optimization. The goal is to train employees to become better cloud consumers while effortlessly managing their environment regardless of scale.

During the POC, members from finance, operations, development, and the office of the CIO met with Vega to discuss their cloud vision, success criteria, and control measures. Vega evaluated their current state using the cloud management platform and immediately identified $50,000 of savings on underutilized infrastructure.


The finance team worked with Vega on how to utilize and organize historical data by forecasting cloud spend at a group and an individual level to better manage corporate budgets. The platform automatically generates dashboards on costs and consumption across business units and production for real-time actionable insight. Once the executive team was on track, Vega began working hand-in-hand with the CIO and staff on setting outcome-based controls to ensure Vega training and support alignes with the company’s goals and unique talents.

The Results

The shared savings model makes it easy for the finance team to build a business case for optimizing cloud spend. The implementation and time to value exceeded the company’s expectations. The install took less than two weeks, and the company captured $50,000 worth of savings within the first 14 days of launch. The executive team and the Vega client success team developed a cloud strategy with results forecasting a $3M savings within the next 2 years.

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