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The Enterprise FinOps Platform 

The Vega Cloud Platform is built through the FinOps lifecycle to empower teams—from engineering to procurement—to connect, manage, automate and optimize multi-cloud IT environments and reduce cloud spend across the enterprise.

Get up and running in minutes and start saving a minimum of 10% on your cloud costs—guaranteed.

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Do More with Less

Vega Cloud is a patented FinOps cloud management platform that allows you to manage and optimize your multi-cloud infrastructure from a single console with ease and efficiency—without having to hassle with a bunch of expensive tools. 

FinOps Capabilities

  • Cost Allocation

  • Budget Management

  • Forecasting

  • Data Analysis & Showback

  • Managing Anomalies

  • Managing Shared Costs

  • Chargeback & Finance Integration

  • Data Ingestion & Normalization

  • Measuring Unit Costs

  • Cloud Policy & Governance

  • Establishing FinOps Culture

  • Establishing Decision & Accountability Structure

  • Workload Management & Automation

  • Resource Utilization & Efficiency

  • Onboarding Workloads

Vega Enterprise Agreement Support

  • Managing Commitment Based Discounts

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Create Extra Savings and Stop Letting Tools Manage Your Cloud

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