Success as a Service

Vega offers multiple products to suit your business needs. Whether you are a Cloud expert or new to Cloud management, we have something that will work for you. 

Vega Cloud Platform

For IT Teams

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The Vega Cloud Platform was built to help customers manage public Cloud at scale with our three core pillars: 

Bring visibility to enhanced organization

Personalize your workspace with our special features to sort through your resources and create well-architected workloads so that you can stay organized and know every detail of your Cloud usage. 

Scale Cloud management

Whether you manage one account or hundreds, Vega will simplify your Cloud management with our Recommendations engine that constantly scans your environments looking for best practices across security, performance, reliability, cost, and audibility. 

Optimize your Cloud

Vega optimizes your infrastructure with features like Parking and Waste Elimination to save you money on your Cloud bill, and Spending Limits to help your team stay on budget so that you don't consume more resources than anticipated. 

Vega Complete

For anyone looking for help with public Cloud infrastructure 

Vega Complete offers both the Vega Cloud Platform and turn-key public Cloud infrastructure in one package. Combine your IT infrastructure with our patented software and leave the rest to us. We will build and deploy Cloud-native workloads and tailor the platform and infrastructure to your unique needs.


Vega Complete is perfect for people who are new to the Cloud or too busy to manage their existing Cloud infrastructure on their own. Vega's Cloud management experts take care of your IT infrastructure, allowing you focus on growing your business.


Cloud management and Cloud infrastructure are included in the price of Vega Cloud. Contact us to discuss Vega Complete pricing and receive a quote for your organization.

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Vega WorkRemote

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For remote teams

WorkRemote is an easy way to take your work with you everywhere you go. Access the same files with the same amount of horsepower from home as if you were at your office. We use AWS infrastructure like EC2, Workspaces, S3, Active Directory, and others to enable a fully functional custom desktop for remote workers. Retrieve everything you need by simply logging into the workstation from a link on the Vega Portal. Vega offers custom work remote setups including servers, VPNs, etc. at an additional charge. Contact us to discuss Vega WorkRemote pricing.