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Vega Platform

The Vega Platform is built through the FinOps lifecycle to empower teams—from engineering to procurement—to connect, manage, automate, and optimize multi-cloud IT environments and reduce cloud spend across the enterprise.

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Vega Inform

Simplify complex and diverse, multi-cloud cloud landscapes and gain greater visibility into your organization's cloud spend.

Tailor and View Multi-Cloud
Spend with Custom Filters

Dive deep into your multi-cloud spending with normalized taxonomy and gain valuable insights that help guide decisions, forecast spend and manage budgets based on real-time, accurate information.

Cost Navigator

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Cost Allocation

Budget Smarter, Not Harder

Know the who, what, when, and where of your organization's cloud spend with controls that filter data by business unit, cloud provider, and tagging—to name a few. Accurately create charge backs and show backs that allocate costs the way your business works.

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Get ahead of potential cloud overspending with always-on monitoring and alerts that allow you to take action and avoid surprises on your bill.

Your Cloud Guardian Angel

Cost Anomaly

Actionable multi-cloud architecture optimization and benchmarking.

Automate and gamify multi-cloud optimization tasks.

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