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Dominate the Content
Industry with Vega atelier

Vega atelier superbly delivers remote workstations with the most demanding performance for studios with global and scalable elements. Commit earlier knowing you can book resources anytime, anywhere.

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Deploy and decommission workstations in minutes

Quickly deploy remote desktops for the most absurdly resource-intensive design tasks and eliminate the need for technical experts.​

  • Organize pre-built templates by workgroups or discipline

  • Deploy workstations with drag-and-drop simplicity

  • Implement, operate, and maintain desktops with automated workflows

Dynamically-drive system performance

Built-in optimization to auto-scale memory, graphics, and CPU efficiently power through intensive applications and continuously deliver your best work. Auto-expand and contract with complex projects, ensure maximum performance and reliability, and more!

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Uninterrupted, dependable, limitless performance

Dynamically 6.png

Render visual effects and final finishing with speed and accuracy even under short deadlines

Dynamically 4.png

Post-production work no longer confined in-house

Dynamically 5.png

Take full advantage of the software features without continuously purchasing new hardware

Dynamically 3.png

Analyze your system and generate reports on workload, system performance, and system diagnostics

Dynamically 8.png

Provide low-latency experiences and work seamlessly across devices

Dynamically 2.png

Experience fiber data transfer speeds regardless of internet connection

Dynamically 7.png

Obtain maximum performance and reliability for complex visual effects

Dynamically 9.png

End the hardware upgrade cycle

Data Processing

Maximize cost savings with granular asset control

Atelier desktops are always right-sized for maximum performance with infinite possibilities for reducing overhead costs. Event-triggered decisions are pushed to stakeholders for more accurate and faster responses.​

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Encourage risk-taking and creative experimentation

Maximize 2 Copy.png

Immediately adapt to evolving software tools

Maximize 3 Copy.png

Deliver consistent studio experience while controlling expenditures

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Simplify equipment, support, and overhead management

Multilayered security and IP protection

Provides a secure modern workforce environment with invisible and seamless protection. Each workstation is deployed in an isolation pool for a higher degree of security, eliminating the risk of critical IP leaving your studio.​

Artboard Copy 6.png

Airgap users from creative IP to eliminate external exposure

Artboard Copy 4.png

Built-in data encryption and data integrity authentication

Artboard Copy 5.png

Deliver consistent and accurate permission and security controls

Centralized management and access oversight

A unified endpoint management experience to easily administer firmware, OS, and apps from one console. Centrally manage permissions to add or remove artists as well as manage a federation of identities.​ Choose from a number of SKUs to dial in exactly what you need for memory, graphics, and CPU to efficiently power through intensive applications and continuously deliver the best work. 

Seamlessly deploy global updates 

Restore profles in minutes

Expedite onboarding and fulfilling user requests

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Editing an Image

Leverage global resources and time zones to adapt to growing demands. 

Still have questions?

If you can't find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us here and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.

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