Vega Complete

Vega Complete offers both the Vega Platform and Turn-key public cloud infrastructure in one package. Choose Vega as your new cloud provider and let us build and deploy cloud-native workloads and tailor the platform and infrastructure to your unique needs. Both cloud management and infrastructure are included in the price. Contact us to discuss Vega Complete pricing.

  • Vega Complete

    • What is this platform? How is it different than Vega Platform?

      • The Vega Platform is software that helps you better manage your infrastructure.  You bring your infrastructure and our software manages it for you.  Vega Complete is software + infrastructure.  We deploy the infrastructure for you and use our software to manage it.  In Vega Complete we give you access to the infrastructure but you don’t have to manage it.  Best of both worlds and for folks new to Cloud this is a great way to get the advantages of Cloud but not have worry about the operational components of management.

    • How does it work? What does Vega do and what do customers do?

      • We us our software to create, deploy and manage your infrastructure so that you can focus on your business and not the infrastructure.

    • What are the perks?

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    • How much is it?