Vega WorkRemote

WorkRemote is an easy way to take your work with you everywhere you go. Access the same files as if you were at your office. Vega offers custom work remote setups including servers, VPNs, etc. at an additional charge. Contact us to discuss Vega WorkRemote pricing.

  • Vega WorkRemote

    • What is this platform?

      • This is a Vega Complete workload for remote workstations.  If a customer needs remote workstations for employees to use while working remote they can use Vega WorkRemote to deploy and manage the infrastructure while users simply connect to the workstation and run whatever applications they need.

    • How does it work? What do you need? What does Vega do and what do customers have to do?

      • We use AWS infrastructure like EC2, Workspaces, S3, Active Directory and others to enable a fully functional custom desktop for remote workers.  We deploy and manage all the infrastructure.  The customer simply logs in to the workstation from a link on the Vega Portal.

    • What are the perks? What makes us different than other work from home solutions

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    • How much is it?

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