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Vega WorkRemote is a secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) application that enables employees—regardless of their location—to have a seamless, uninterrupted work experience while ensuring that your company and customer data remains safe and secure. 


For a low monthly fee, customers can rest easy at night thanks to the zero trust architecture and advanced security configuration and functionality. No data is stored on the source PC/Laptop nor is any data transmitted – this allows for a fully managed, fully secure remote environment that still allows users to get their work done.

Before the Pandemic..

  • Hardened wired networks

  • Hardened buildings

  • Local Data

  • Secure WiFi

  • <5% remote workforce

Before Covid.png

Core Features

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  • Dynamic Whitelisting and MFA

  • Workstations are set on a schedule

  • No external drive mapping allowed

  • Zero Trust between workstations

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  • User workstations are hosted in secure facilities that are compliant with the following frameworks: PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, FISMA, FedRAMP, MPAA, SOC2, ISO, CSA, and more

  • User workstations and shared drives are backed up daily 

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  • User workstations are quad core CPUs with 16GBs of RAM and 50GBs of user storage (workstation is configurable)

  • Active Directory integrated

  • VPN connection to customer's datacenter included

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