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Vega WorkRemote


Power your firm's productivity with Vega’s Cloud-based workstations and securely conduct business with continuity and ease on any device, any network, from anywhere in the world. 

Powered by the Cloud to Empower Your People


Built on Vega Cloud’s patent-pending Cloud Management Platform, Vega WorkRemote levels the playing field for everyone. With security and speed, any accounting firm—of any size—can harness the power of the Cloud to empower their remote workforce.


Vega WorkRemote’s Cloud-native technology solution was built for the realities of today and equips your firm for the uncertainties of tomorrow. 

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Simplify Data Management 

Give employees access to your firm's data and high-performance applications from anywhere—no content is stored on their local devices. Instead, work is saved in the Cloud, reducing the need to move, sync or backup data. No AWS direct access, management console, command line, or installation required.  


Scale at Speed

Redefine agile operations.  Vega WorkRemote makes it possible to go from 2 to 200 workstations in the blink of an eye. Grow or shrink your workforce as your organization evolves. You’ll only pay for what you use, and you can dial it back whenever needed.

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No Bandwidth? No Problem

Vega WorkRemote utilizes the PCoIP client from Teradici to deliver client access. The PCoIP protocol is lightweight and secure—only the keyboard and mouse information is transmitted through the secure connection. Video is transmitted in lightning speed as pixel changes only making it perfect for low-bandwidth and high-latency network connections.

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Productivity Without Purse Strings

With Vega WorkRemote's Cloud-based workstations, you won’t need to equip your remote workforce or end-users with expensive hardware in order to maximize productivity. They'll have enterprise-level access to your firm's high-performance applications from even the most basic laptop and they'll work with the latest software and hardware.

Reduce Operational Costs.png

Reduce Operational Costs

Vega WorkRemote is built on Vega's Cloud Management Platform which means you'll have access to the most user-friendly Cloud automation platform for all your Cloud optimization needs. Optimize cost efficiency with special features like RI management, Parking, Budgeting & Forecasting, as well as Cost Tracking.


Trusted Leadership & Support

Vega Cloud's partnership with Qumulo and Teradici gives you and your workforce a complete, high-end workstation running on public Cloud infrastructure. And with more than two decades of Cloud operational 

experience, Vega Cloud is your trusted advisor that will guide you as your operations and workforce needs evolve.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. With more than decade of experience in the cloud industry, our highly skilled team will make sure you find the answer to your cloud concerns.

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