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Connect, Automate & Manage new and existing networks, automation tools, applications, and other multi-cloud elements from one point of access.

Vega Pen Test

Annual vulnerability testing that won't test your nerves

Don't waste time—and money—letting expensive consultants perform your annual penetration tests. 

With Vega, you can harness the power of our patent-pending Cloud Management Platform technology combined with an industry standard, third-party testing software to scan your specified endpoints for potential vulnerabilities.

Vega's Cloud Penetration Test is part of the Vega Cloud Enterprise license and provides an easier, faster, less-costly way to obtain compliance certification for your organization—all while saving you up to 35% on your Cloud spend.  

Solely designed for Optimization

We've automated Cloud optimization at scale, allowing you to focus on operations and manage your Cloud infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. 

Cloud Deployment

Use your favorite cloud deployment tool to deploy templates directly from Vega.  Your employees avoid using the management console which makes it easier for you to control budgets and reduce risk.

Governance & Audit

Scan your environments for compliance and risk.  Our recommendations engine will detect potential threats and highlight them for remediation before an audit occurs.  All actions are available through an activity log so that you can send reports to auditors.

Environmental Operations

Move applications from your test environment to preproduction with Vega Cloud's cloning feature.  Clone your application environment from one account to another without changing your infrastructure.

Service & Integration

Use our One API to integrate the Vega platform directly with your IT Service Request process.  Get full access to Spaces and Satellite Workloads to tailor any integration to your exact needs.

Availability Management

Make managing service availability easy with Vega’s optimization engine. Check for performance and reliability issues that could impact available services.

Advanced Security

The biggest issue of moving to the public Cloud is proper configurations. Scan your environments for common misconfigurations that can cause security issues with your recommendations engine. 

Don't let tools manage your cloud

Centralize your tools into one platform

The average company uses more than a dozen tools to manage their cloud infrastructure. This is time-consuming and expensive. It's about time you started using a cloud management service built with experience; one that is focused on the most important aspects of cloud management. Vega is a platform, not a tool and will save you time and money.  We think that’s an important mission and we are laser focused on it.

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